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How The Wedding Location Makes All The Difference

Wedding Location

Your wedding day is all about creating lasting memories, and the venue plays a major part in that. From picturesque mountain views to period buildings that are sure to inspire, the right location will add a touch of magic to your special day.

Some couples opt for all-in-one venues, where they exchange vows outdoors and then move to the ballroom for cocktails and dinner. This can make things easier on both the bride and groom and guests alike!

1. Location

There are plenty of big milestones in one’s life – graduating from high school or college, buying a new car and of course, getting married. However, all these events have a common factor that makes them stand out – their location.

The perfect wedding location not only adds to the look, feel and tone of the day but also helps your guests enjoy themselves and remember it for a lifetime. Whether it’s a country club setting, vineyard, farm or historical site, the right wedding venue can make all the difference. The ideal location offers a backdrop that fits your style and passion. It is also important that the venue can accommodate both the ceremony and reception onsite for your convenience as well as your guests.

2. The Venue

The venue is where your whole wedding vision comes together. It impacts your entire design plan, decor, lighting, and even your dress decision.

Make sure you know your guest count and budget before visiting venues. If you visit a space before knowing these details, you may find yourself falling in love with a venue that exceeds your budget or is too small for the number of guests you’ll invite.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, consider travel time and distance for your guests. If your friends and family will have to fly twice or switch planes, a jet-lagged reception is not how you want them to start your celebration. Also, check with nearby hotels to ensure that they have room availability for your guests who will be traveling to your event.

3. The Weather

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right location for your wedding. Not only will your day be special for you and your partner, but you want your guests to be comfortable as well.

For example, if you’re considering a destination wedding (someone else will host the wedding for you in their hometown), be sure to think about whether you or your guests live close enough to make the trip and be able to afford flights and accommodations. And don’t forget that certain locations have peak and off-peak travel seasons.

Also, if you’re planning on having an outdoor ceremony or reception, remember that good weather isn’t always guaranteed. Be sure to have a backup plan in case of rain!

4. The Food

Whether you choose a sit-down, plated dinner or cocktail-style reception, the food is an important aspect of your wedding. Make sure you choose a menu that will satisfy all of your guests, including those with dietary restrictions.

Ask for feedback from family members and incorporate dishes that represent parts of your relationship, such as a recipe from the first date you shared or your go-to cocktails as signature drinks crewlogout. You may also want to consider serving late-night snacks like mini grilled cheeses or sliders an hour before the dance floor closes.

If your venue is on a waterside, you can provide fun activities for guests to keep them engaged between the ceremony and reception. For example, a location in Brookings provides trolley rides for a tour of the city or wagon rides around their picturesque property.

5. The Entertainment

Music defines a wedding, sets the mood, evokes emotions and gets your guests dancing. It’s important to consider all of the different options available when choosing your entertainment.

A well-executed transition between songs, announcements and speeches makes for a smooth and seamless event. Having any issues with this can ruin the overall vibe and cause your guests to focus on the problem rather than having a good time.

A live band is a one of a kind experience that will make your guests’ day. They are great at gauging the crowd and can exercise spontaneity (lyric changes, solos, mash-ups) to keep the energy up.

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